With rebrand on the horizon, Sushiswap receives “Sushi.com” domain name gift


A major decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol’s SEO metrics just spiked through the roof. 

In a tweet today cryptocurrency investment fund Future Fund announced that they’d acquired the “sushi.com” domain name on behalf of DeFi platform Sushiswap.

Sushiswap’s online presence is notoriously scattered, including domains like “sushiswap.fi” and “sushiswapclassic.org.” In the announcement, Future Fund noted that the simplicity is an improvement, saying, “A strong domain will greatly increase internet traffic and exposure to the sushi brand.”

While the terms of the purchase were not revealed, the domain is a hot property that has previously been listed for between $600,000 and $1.5 million, according to various domain sales sites.

When ask about the purchase, Sushiswap CTO Joseph Delong’s initial reactions was simple:

“Pretty based imo.”

According to Delong and core contributor 0xMaki, the timing of the buy couldn’t have been better. In Sushi’s 2021 roadmap reveal, the team made a point to highlight the expanded set of services and products that they’re aiming to offer, including a cross-chain decentralized exchange, a lending solution called BentoBox, and a full decentralization of protocol governance. 

The team had been considering “sushi.finance” and “sushi.org” as alternatives to move away from the “Swap” label given the expanded purview of the project, but FutureFund approached in the midst of these conversations to offer the .com domain. Both Delong and 0xMaki characterized the purchase as a “gift” from FutureFund, and 0xMaki said he “still can’t believe” the team will

The domain currently links to the Sushiswap homepage, and the team says that it will “likely” become their primary domain in the future. Future Fund did not respond to a request for comment.

While the project’s Sushi token has undergone a recent 17.6% pullback from all-time highs, the project is still enjoying a strong year, up over 450% from $3.32 to $15.05 at the time of publication.


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