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Blockchain Tech

Russia’s Hermitage museum to host NFT art exhibition

Russia’s State Hermitage Museum, the second-largest art museum in the world, is preparing to host a digital art exhibition involving non-fungible tokens.

Scheduled to take place in 2021, the Hermitage’s NFT project will be Russia’s first exhibition in the field of NFT art, the museum officially announced Thursday.

The Hermitage’s contemporary art department is organizing the exhibition, which will be part of its “Hermitage 20/21” project. The announcement read:

“Non-fungible tokens have become a new form of securing rights to an artwork using blockchain technology, which allows you to establish unambiguous control over copyright and ownership rights.”

The Aksenov Family Foundation — a local cultural and social innovation fund — will be a strategic partner of the Hermitage’s NFT project, which aims to study new forms of audience involvement in cultural practices.

Located in Saint Petersburg, the Hermitage is a federal museum comprising three million items. The Hermitage did not specify…

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Blockchain Business Investment Markets Tech

Australian government offers $6M in grants to innovative blockchain teams

The Australian government has opened applications for grants  up to $3 million each in funding to blockchain projects targeting supply chain tracking in the minerals industry and tax tracking in the food and beverage sector.

Applications are open until April 29, with any sole trader, partnership, publicly-funded research organization, or entity incorporated in Australia that possesses an Australian Business Number eligible to apply.

The money will be used to fund two distinct pilots. The Food and Beverage Provenance pilot hopes to support a team addressing the complexities associated with spirits producers complying with excise taxation.

The Critical Minerals Pilot will support a project seeking to bolster supply chain integrity for the industry, and will also expect contributions to Australia’s National Ethical Certification Scheme to prove the provenance of locally produced minerals exported to international markets. The announcement noted:

“We expect that successful applications will be a collaboration between multiple…

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Bitcoin Markets

Options traders target $80K by May, Skew suggests just 6% chance they’re right

With Coinbase’s highly anticipated direct listing IPO expected to take place next month, options traders appear to be betting that Bitcoin will once again soar to new all-time highs in the coming weeks.

On March 24, the founders of crypto analytics firm Glassnode tweeted data suggesting that options traders on peer-to-peer crypto derivatives exchange, Deribit, are loading up on contracts set to expire on April 30 with a strike price of $80,000.

Contracts worth a notional value of 4,000 BTC have been purchased targeting the price-point in total, more than any other strike-price by at least 50%.

Should the price be less than $80,000 at the end of April,…

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China and Japan go full steam ahead with CBDC pilots

China and Japan are pushing forward with their respective pilots for central bank-issued digital currencies, or CBDCs.

On March 26, Bank of Japan announced it had established the Liaison and Coordination Committee on Central Bank Digital Currency to convene with both the private sector on the banks upcoming CBDC proof-of-concept, or PoC, stating:

“The Bank, through this committee, will share details of, and provide updates on the PoC with the private sector and the government and will seek consultation on future steps to facilitate smooth implementation of the PoC.”

The announcement also noted the bank has been preparing to conduct a pilot CBDC since October 2020, and will formally commence Phase 1 of its CBDC pilot next month.

On March 23, Chinese state media outlet Sina reported that six major government-owned banks have begun testing wallet services for the digital renminbi. Customers can…

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99.98% less power: Lighthouse’s first Ethereum and Eth2 merge transaction

Blockchain security provider Sigma Prime has announced its first merge transaction between the two Ethereum networks.

The transaction was made by its Lighthouse client using only Proof of Stake validators, it stated in a March 25 tweet. It added that this was a step towards a 99.98% drop in Ethereum energy consumption, deriving that figure from calculations that compare the current Proof of Work Eth1 with the much more efficient Proof of Stake Eth2.

Sigma Prime stated that it is an exciting achievement but still far from production as it is still a prototype with much more work to do, adding:

“Primarily, you should take this is a signal that

Eth1 and Eth2 developers are actively working together on the merge.”

This is not the first time such a feat has been managed, with Sigma Prime pointing out that in August last year the…

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Bitcoin Blockchain Investment

Bitcoiners love dogs, gold bugs prefer cats — Important new research

New research from US crypto exchange Xcoins suggests gold investors are pretty evenly split between men and women, but men dominate the ranks of crypto investors by a significant margin.

The data also revealed that “gold investors are more likely to own a cat than cryptocurrency holders (45% to 38%), while cryptocurrency holders tend to be �?dog people’ (43% to 38%).”

Xcoins’ research used Global Web Index data between 2017 and 2020, to find the differences between gold and crypto owners.

The research found that there is a significant disparity between women’s views on gold as an investment as opposed to crypto. Around 46.7% of gold investors are women and 53.5% are men, while among crypto investors, 71.9% are men and just 28.1% are women.

The crypto gender gap is nothing new and it is widely believed the crypto and blockchain sectors are male-dominanted. However, research is showing…

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