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Bitcoin Markets

‘Fair Launch’ tokens outshine the average coin’s performance

So-called ‘Fair Launch’ tokens are outperforming most projects released via centralized token distribution events, according to crypto market data aggregator Messari, 

Messari defines Fair Launch tokens as having a publicly announced launch without any form of pre-mine. These include older top 10 crypto assets Bitcoin and Litecoin, newer DeFi projects such as Yearn.Finance and SushiSwap, and veteran 2013 altcoin Peercoin.

Fair Launch tokens appear to be outperforming the broader crypto markets by more than double over the past three months. 

The top 1,026 crypto markets gained an average of 9.56% this past week, compared to the 31.44% average gain seen by Fair Launch projects over…

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YouTuber regrets spending 37 BTC — now worth $1.8M — on used Hondas

A Honda enthusiast has released a YouTube video revealing how he spent a bunch of Bitcoin on two used sports cars.

Known on social media as “NSXTRA”, Chris Cut’s Feb. 16 YouTube video titled “Idiot Spends $1.8 Million of Bitcoin on Old Hondas” reveals how much he regrets spending large amounts of Bitcoin at today’s prices on the classic sports cars.

The first car in question is a Honda NXS Targa which he bought on Valentine’s Day in 2017, claiming to have got it for a “great price” of $30,500, which he paid in Bitcoin, calling it “a steal”.

On the day he bought the Targa in 2017, BTC was trading around a thousand dollars a coin so the car cost him 30.5 BTC. At today’s Bitcoin prices, the car set him back almost $1.5M

He added that he parted with 6.5 BTC to pay for another Honda on…

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Blockchain Business Markets Tech

Over $100M in crypto collectible NFTs sold in last 30 days

Non-fungible token sales are booming and top marketplaces are seeing record volume levels.

The milestone was noted by crypto asset investment firm Paradigm co-founder Matt Huang, who posted a screenshot from NFT marketplace and data tracker CryptoSlam.

CryptoSlam also reported that a large portion of trading is now taking place on secondary markets indicating that crypto collectibles are changing hands more often.

CryptoSlam reports that NBA Top Shot, a basketball based collection launched in October 2020, is the top-selling NFT platform with $5.8 million shifted over the past 24 hours and a whopping $68.5 million over the past 30 days.

Top Shot represents the first time the NBA has entered into a licensing deal backed by blockchain technology. Speaking to ESPN, NBA associate vice president for…

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Top bidder at Ultraviolet NFT auction can collaborate with 3LAU on new music

Famed musician, producer, and Cointelegraph Top 100 awardee 3LAU has announced an upcoming NFT auction celebrating the three-year anniversary of his 2018 album Ultraviolet.

The highest bidder will be able to collaborate with 3LAU on a new track.

3LAU’s “Ultraviolet Vinyl NFT Collection” is scheduled to be auctioned over two days from Feb. 26 on Origin Protocol’s decentralized e-commerce platform, Dshop.

Auction participants will have the chance to bid on 33 one-of-a-kind “Vinyl NFTs” that are redeemable for exclusive access to unreleased music, special edition vinyls, and unique fan experiences. Auction winners will also receive up to 11 bonus song NFTs featuring animations that were personally designed by 3LAU to accompany each track.

The 33 special-edition physical vinyls the NFTs can be redeemed for feature art sleeves that are hand-signed by 3LAU. Upon redemption for exclusive content or experiences, the Vinyl NFTs’ metadata will be updated to serve…

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Crypto criminals got away with $5B less in 2020 as scam revenue falls

Revenue from crypto-related crime dropped by more than half in 2020 according to Chainalysis’ annual report on the subject.

Cybercriminals netted around $5 billion less than the $10 billion plus they got away with in 2019, representing a 53% fall.

Transactions involving illicit funds have decreased even more rapidly than the total volume of those funds, falling from 2.1% of all transactions analyzed in 2019 down to just 0.34% last year.

Among the eight categories of transactions deemed “illicit” by Chainalysis, the dollar amount of crypto taken in by scams decreased the most, by 71% to $2.6B, largely due to the fact that 2019’s multi-billion dollar PlusToken scandal dwarfed anything seen in 2020 so far. 

Overall crypto crime volume — including the proceeds of crime and the attempts to launder it — fell from above $20B in 2019 to around $10B last year.

But it’s not all good news…

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Bitcoin Blockchain Investment Tech

Survey finds 5% of corporate CFOs plan to buy Bitcoin in 2021

A small scale study of financial executives has found that 5% of companies intend to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) as a corporate asset this year, with a further 11% stating they could do so by 2024.

The survey conducted by Gartner comes on the back of news that Tesla invested 8%, or $1.5 billion of its cash reserve, into Bitcoin. MicroStrategy Inc. who has also invested large sums into the token announced a $600 million convertible bond offering Tuesday with the intent of using the proceeds to acquire additional Bitcoins.

The 77 respondents, including 50 CFOs among other executives, showed highly differing views based on the industry the company works in. The technology sector showed the most attraction towards Bitcoin with 50% of respondents from this industry anticipating holding the cryptocurrency in the future, with no difference based on the organization’s…

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