XRP holders file class action complaint against Apple citing negligence

On one front, Ripple has been fighting the United States’ SEC in court. On the other, XRP hodlers are also taking the legal rou...
September 18, 2021

Why Projects Are Switching to the Binance Smart Chain

Despite the popularity of the Ethereum blockchain, several developers believe the blockchain network is slowly becoming outdate...
September 18, 2021

Interview with Federico Solmi covering NFTs and metaverses

A few days ago, The Cryptonomist interviewed the famous Federico Solmi on The Nemesis, who has also launched his own line of NF...
September 18, 2021

Why Bitcoin can (not) destroy the economy

Bitcoin has gone from being considered the currency of criminals to being recognized as a store of value even by institutional ...
September 18, 2021

Beyond the Border: interview with the producers of the documentary on Afghanistan financed with Bitcoin

A few days ago, the documentary about Afghanistan “Beyond the Border” was presented at the Venice Film Festival. The documentar...
September 18, 2021

El Salvador’s Court of Accounts to probe Bitcoin roll-out

According to recent reports, El Salvador’s Court of Accounts is bucking up for an investigation into the government’s Bitcoin p...
September 18, 2021

Russia central bank to block suspicious digital currency activities

The central bank of Russia is to take steps to throttle the rise in digital currency trading activity in the country, including...
September 18, 2021

Binance Prepares Changes to Work With Regulators Worldwide

Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced it is preparing changes to be able to work with regulators more clo...
September 18, 2021

NFT-based Fixed Lending Protocol Pledge Backed by Stanford Alumni Announces Successful Fundraise

press release PRESS RELEASE. Pledge Finance is launching a cross-chain decentralized finance ecosystem, purpose-built for the f...
September 18, 2021

‘If you’ve risked your money to buy MSTR stock and Bitcoin goes up…’

Microstrategy (MSTR) CEO Michael Saylor’s bullish optimism for Bitcoin far outweighs most supporters’. And, he has the numbers ...
September 18, 2021