Ep 41 | Building an open source music community with Roneil Rumburg of Audius

Richard Stallman, a Harvard educated software engineer, joined the MIT AI Lab in 1971 to help develop computing platforms… howe...
December 2, 2021

ConsenSys and msg partner to provide access to Ethereum blockchain educational materials in German

18% of all open-source crypto developers work in the Ethereum ecosystem. Even more, Ethereum has four times more developers tha...
December 1, 2021

Know Your Wallet: From Token Swaps to POAP Drops

One of the promises of decentralized ledgers is the ability to track virtually any type of asset using on-chain tokens. But som...
November 26, 2021

ConsenSys Plans To Recruit 400 Employees Globally in 2022 to Support Rapid Growth

With over 500 employees, ConsenSys announced today that the company plans to nearly double its workforce in 2022, recruiting 40...
November 24, 2021

NFTs Take Over the Skateboarding Community with SK8BYTES, A Project Featuring Skateboard Legends

2021 has been without a doubt the year of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with sales totalling $10.7 billion for Q3 2021. After inve...
November 23, 2021

MetaMask x Lattice1: The Hardware Wallet Designed For Ethereum Users Is Now Supported

As the crypto industry continues to grow, it’s natural for advancements to occur in the hardware wallet space. MetaMask is your...
November 23, 2021

How To Bridge Tokens From Ethereum To Optimism With MetaMask

One of the most efficient ways to get the most out of your crypto assets is to bridge them to a Layer 2 (L2) network. Doing so ...
November 18, 2021

Ep 40 | Formation, Legalization & the Emergence of DAOs with Aaron Wright of Tribute Labs

2017 was ICO’s. 2018 was depressing 😖 2019 was security tokens. 2020 was DeFi. 2021 is NFTs and… 👉 DAOs & DOs. However, mos...
November 18, 2021

MetaMask Surpasses 21 Million MAUs as ConsenSys Raises $200 Million to Make Web3 Universally Easy to Use, Access, and Build On

New York, NY, November 17, 2021 — Today, ConsenSys announced the close of a $200 million USD financing round, bringing its valu...
November 17, 2021

MetaMask and Ledger Integration Fixed!

Things To Know: Due to a breaking update in Chromium-based browsers earlier this year, MetaMask + Ledger functionality has been...
November 12, 2021