NFT Stars Announces IDO Launch – Become Part of This Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace

NFT Stars Announces IDO Launch – Become Part of This Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace

May 17, 2021 by J.D. Smith
The new multi-chain NFT marketplace NFT STARS announced the release of its NFTS token in an initial DEX offering (IDO) on BSCPad, to take place on June 5, 2021. The whitelisting process is already open. The new token gives access to premium features and opens the door to a unique NFT ecosystem. NFT STARS, a

The new multi-chain NFT marketplace NFT STARS announced the release of its NFTS token in an initial DEX offering (IDO) on BSCPad, to take place on June 5, 2021. The whitelisting process is already open. The new token gives access to premium features and opens the door to a unique NFT ecosystem.

NFT STARS, a new multi-chain marketplace, aims to address current problems in the market that stop both digital art lovers and artists from enjoying NFTs to the fullest. NFT STARS introduces an exclusive marketplace where every artist has their own custom page, a personal manager and the opportunity to consult with a legal team and to partner with other artists on shared creations.

In turn, users have voting power regarding who’s featured on the platform. They can acquire rare pieces to add to their collection, thanks to the fractional trading feature, and they can enjoy browsing through the works in the augmented reality (AR) gallery. The platform is the first to provide an initial NFT offering to startups and to include its users in the funding process.

The idea was pleasantly accepted by market actors and investors, and the team has already secured the support of a large number of prominent funds. The list of VCs that have joined two rounds of private sales includes the following.

  • Moonwhale Ventures
  • DAO Maker
  • AquaBlock Ventures
  • Pluto Ventures
  • Platinum Fund
  • AU 21 Capital
  • Coin Celect
  • ZBS Capital
  • Magnus Capital
  • Morningstar Ventures
  • DEXT Force Ventures
  • BSCP Holdings
  • Onemax Capital
  • Basics Capital
  • Blockhunter Capital
  • CyberFI Samurai
  • Newave Capital

Now, anyone interested in the type of future that NFT STARS is about to bring to the NFT sector can join this impressive list of investors and grab their portion of tokens through the public sale, to be held on June 5, 2021, on BSCPad and CyberFI Samurai Launchpad.

About BSCPad and CyberFI Samurai

The NFTS public sale will go ahead on BSC Launch Pad, the leading initial DEX offering platform on the Binance Smart Chain and on the CyberFI Samurai cross-chain crowdfunding platform on the same day.

How to participate on BSCPad

BSC Launch Pad helps crypto projects to distribute tokens and raise liquidity, providing users with an easy way to enter early into the projects they are interested in. All participants of the public sale must go through the BSCPad KYC procedure and hold BSCPAD tokens. The amount of BSCPAD tokens you hold determines your tier level and guarantees you an allocation. The whitelist is already open, so get the first steps done on your way to the IDO.

How to participate on CyberFI Samurai

CyberFI Samurai is a decentralized, cross-chain, crowdfunding launchpad and stakepad. The IDO will be launched on both platforms on the same day – June 5, 2021. CyberFI’s rules also require all participants to go through a KYC procedure.

Bogdan Khomenko, CEO of NFT STARS, said,

“With NFT STARS, we aim to shift the focus from NFT speculation to art appreciation, while including more users and market actors in the NFT world. The idea gained a lot of support during the private sale, and many notable crypto investment funds backed our aspirations. Now, the NFT STARS team is looking forward to the IDO and is very optimistic about the outcome.”


How does NFT STARS change the NFT scene?

NFT STARS’ NFT marketplace accumulates a set of features and products that provide artists, digital art lovers, startup founders and investors with unique opportunities. The platform also enables NFT liquidity flow on multiple blockchains.

Careful selection

Artists featured on the marketplace first go through the executive board’s screening process, after which the active users of the platform participate in their own selection process. That way, the marketplace isn’t flooded with creators speculating on the growing interest – each creator is the true star.

Gas-free NFT minting

NFT STARS establishes favorable conditions that enable artists to create and evolve. The marketplace frees creators from the burden of fees. NFTs are minted at the time of sale and the purchaser pays the gas expenses for the minting process. The artist doesn’t pay gas fees while minting their work.

Collaborative NFT creation

Furthermore, the platform facilitates projects between its artists and enables joint NFT ownership. A group of artists can create an NFT as a team and the proceeds from its sale will be redistributed among all the team members.

Augmented reality gallery

To bring art closer to the audience, NFT STARS allows artists to create their own personalized 3D galleries on the screen of smartphones. The gallery is powered by AR technology and will walk users through the artists’ exhibitions, displaying their best works from the comfort of their homes.

NFT pricing scanner

If an artist is new to the NFT space and is struggling to put a price on their artwork, NFT STARS runs the NFT pricing scanner, which analyzes works in other marketplaces. It goes through art that is similar by theme and style, providing artists with a suitable price guide.

Fractional trading and user inclusion

Users are a big part of the platform’s operations and development. With NFTS tokens, art lovers will be eligible for NFT discounts, platform liquidity mining and other extras. NFTS holders can buy works of art for NFTS and participate in platform governance. Active participants will be rewarded with tokens and will be included in the artist selection process. NFT STARS opens the NFT world to everyone. Now, users who have been priced out of the market can participate in fractional NFT trading and even add high price tag works from the biggest names to their collection.

Initial NFT offering

For startup founders, NFT STARS offers a way to kickstart their success stories through an initial NFT offering, which is a brand new type of offering that leverages the strongest elements of NFT technology. A startup goes through two rounds of funding, whereby users purchase NFTs to farm project tokens. NFTS holders have a number of advantages when participating in the initial NFT offering.

The NFT market has grown substantially since the beginning of 2021 but the market is still in the active development phase, trying to resolve the shortcomings that all actors face. NFT STARS introduces multiple solutions that will facilitate NFT liquidity, ease the process for the artists and make it a more pleasant and inclusive experience for the users. IDO is a chance for digital art lovers to hop on board early and open up new facets of the NFT industry. Join the launch on June 5, 2021, on BDCPad.

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NFTS is a utility token, and any factors outside of the NFT STARS team’s control affect its market price. The NFT STARS team does not bear any responsibility.

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